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Why Pruning in the Spring Produces Better Results?

Do you ever feel like the season just isn’t right? It can be difficult to know if your favorite trees are still worth having on your property or not, and whether they will produce nice fruit in the coming season. There really is no easy way to tell if a particular tree is still liveable in your area, so it’s helpful to know what type of pruning is being done in order to determine if it is worth upkeep or not. In other words, does pruning in the spring produce better results than Adelaide Stump Removal in the fall? Keep reading for more information!

What is the difference between pruning in the spring and pruning in the fall?

The main difference between pruning in the spring and pruning in the fall is the time of year the trees will be pruned. In the spring, most trees will only need a little pruning to keep them from reaching their outdoor potential, while in the fall, most trees will actually require more pruning because they are turning into trees that may not be able to handle the extra weight of being a bare-rooted tree in the fall. In general, it’s good to prune trees in the spring so they are in tip-top condition for the season. However, if you decide to go the other way in the fall, removing some of the weaker branches and twine of mature trees may be necessary to make room for the new growth’s thicker, more aggressive foliage.

What factors determine if a tree is still alive in the spring or autumn?

Well, there are a few factors that will determine if a tree is still alive in the spring or autumn, but two of the most important factors are both related to the weather and the season. In the spring, you will see more loose leaves and branches and less than in the autumn, where you will see more mature leaves and more than in the winter when they are more packed down and frozen. The weather in the spring is generally milder than in the autumn, so there will be less frost this year, which will help keep the leaves from freezing in the spring and causing them to rot. Likewise, oak trees will be less likely to have their needles fallen onto the ground in the fall because there is less snow cover in the fall.

When is it safe to prune your tree in the spring?

The danger of pruning your trees in the spring comes in when you are already in the spring and you want to pamper them but they aren’t ready for pampering. Luckily, there are a few tricks to avoid getting too worked up about how much or how little you should be pruning. It’s fine to feel a bit of anxious when you first decide to start pruning, but it will pass as the work continues and you get better at it! First, let your trees cool down before you begin. 

Try to get them situated in the lowest branch diameters possible, and once they are situated, then get them to their new location. If you are already in the spring, you may want to start your Stump Removal Adelaide project earlier to avoid having them out in the cold or in the rain when they should be shiver-free. In such cases, you may want to remove some of the higher branch stats to make room for increased snow cover.

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