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Stump removal is an essential part of the tree removalists process. The importance of stump removal is often overlooked, but insects and pests love to make nests out of tree stumps, not to mention tree stumps can be a dangerous tripping hazard. Additionally, as the stump rots, the tree roots will divert water and nutrients in the soil away from the rest of your garden. As part of our Adelaide stump removal service, we can completely remove the stump or grind the stump down below surface level, using our specialised equipment. Our highly experienced and qualified team will discuss the best, most cost-effective solutions with you, to ensure you can safely enjoy your garden.

Professional Service You Can Count On

When you need stump removal in Adelaide, you need the team at A Plus Tree & Land Management. With many years of experience, our team of qualified arborists are the experts in Tree Removal Adelaide locals rely on. When you contact us for a quote, we offer unbiased and obligation free advice on the best solutions. After we have inspected your site, we will give you a time frame for the job to be completed. If any permits are required, we will let you know and can help you get started on the process. After we have removed your tree stump, we will thoroughly clean the site, including mulching wood and debris for you to use on your garden.

Reclaim Your Garden

Tree stumps are not only unsightly and obstructive, but they can also pose a danger to your family, your guests and potentially your entire garden. Some trees have pesky root systems that can wreak havoc on your garden and that’s why it’s so important to engage a professional arborist for your stump removal in Adelaide and beyond. At A Plus Tree & Land Management, we have the right equipment to ensure the job is done properly. While some companies may use chemicals to remove a tree stump, we extract the tree stump and kill off the tree roots using our specialised equipment. Our stump grinder machine dismantles the structure of the tree stump and then turns the wood into mulch which can be put back on your garden and provide plenty of nutrients. Once your tree stump has properly been removed, the roots will decay and you can reclaim that space, whether that’s to build an extension, plant new seedlings or something else.

The Adelaide Stump Removal Specialists

We pride ourselves on delivering the top quality stump removal Adelaide locals turn to. With many years of experience, our team are qualified to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We will always offer professional advice and the most cost-effective solutions. To us, customer satisfaction is the most important part of our business and that’s why we offer transparent quotes and reliable turnaround times. Plus, you can rest assured knowing we are fully insured. For the best Adelaide stump removal services, get in touch with us today.